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Hello Reader,

Stress is a destroyer of health and happiness. Or at least our reaction to stress is.

moving meditationYour mind is a powerful thing. Untrained, our minds can turn against us. We live at a fraction of our potential due to the limitation of self-doubt. We literally make ourselves ill with high blood pressure, fatigue and depression. We damage our relationships with reactionary anger. We do this due to how we’ve learned to respond to strain in life. These applied meditation classes can change all of that. And they change our lives with real, tangible techniques.


In our meditation classes in Portland we develop fit minds, just as we develop fitness in our bodies.


“You have nothing to fear, but how you react to fear”

Life is a demanding place at times. Nothing changes that. What we can do is give ourselves the tools to thrive in that demanding place. We can shrug of stress and it’s ill effects on our health. In doing so we set ourselves free to maximize our potential and enjoy life to the fullest.

tai chi moving meditation

Being free of the effects of stress and successful is just the beginning.

As we use meditation to eliminate negative mental habits, we are also unlocking abilities we never knew we had. Focus, persistence, self confidence, creative vision, clarity, willpower and the courage to ACT. These are all traits of a fit mind. They are tools which are always at the disposal of someone skilled at applied meditation. With these fundamental components of success there is no limit to accomplishment that you cannot surpass. The only questions are what do you want in life, and are you willing to act on giving yourself the tools to accomplish it?


If you haven’t chosen to act yet then here are a few more facts about meditation training to help you decide:

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a disabling conditioning that resists the effects of medication has been proven to be profoundly affected by mindfulness meditation. These effects are so powerful that many VA centers offer Tai Chi and other meditation classes to help vets reintegrate after their service.
  • Many successful artists, such as Director David Lynch use meditation to enhance their creative practices. They consider it essential to their professional success.
  • Someone skilled at meditation learn to identify and redirect the negative patterns of thought that so many of us are subject to. Every destructive or limiting pattern we free ourselves from unleashes more potential to succeed.
  • Breath Training is a keystone to meditation training. Not only does this training improve our mental fitness, it develops our physical well-being too. Lower blood pressure, enhanced immunity and better sport performance are just a few effects of the breath work.
  • The presence of mind and focus make those skilled at meditation excel at high demand, crisis management jobs such as emergency medicine, firefighting, and crisis negotiation.
  • Being less reactive allows us to respond to issues with effective actions that solve problems. No more damaged relationships due to lashing out. No more days ruined by petty aggravation. And, most importantly, no more dealing with the same problem over and over because you are focused on solution actions.


Still not convinced to try it? Well, here’s what a few of our happily training students have to say…

My wife introduced me to Tai Chi and I am a novice student, having attended for 8 months. At the school we start out with a warm-up, loosening our joints and relaxing our breath, then work for 40 minutes with the Tai Chi form. This is an exercise I can do even with an old auto accident injury in my lower back.

My studies at NWIA have taught me to relax, helping me overcome the fast pace of modern life. This low impact exercise is perfect for me, I can improve my flexibility as I work muscles I have never developed in my previous 60 years.” -George

sitting meditation“When I first started studying here I had a lot of issues with self doubt. I was constantly avoiding the risk of failure. Therefore I wasn’t trying to make any of my bigger goals happen. Honestly, I wouldn’t even try to meet new people.”

I actually first came to NWIA because I wanted to learn martial arts but it’s the mental training that has totally changed my life. If I met myself from 5 years ago I wouldn’t even recognize the confident person I am today.”



Nothing to Lose, No commitment, No Reason Not To Try.


We’d never ask you to make a decision without being able to try the training yourself. Feel it first hand, and evaluate whether it’s the right fit for you. We’ve seen so many people benefit so much from our Portland Meditation Classes that we want everyone to be able to try it for themselves. And, if you see how much you will gain from the practice, we’ll get you started right with 30 days of training free on a basic membership. You will have the guarantee of a well tested, personal experience.


Make the choice, change your life.




Professor Jeff Patterson


P.S. If you have any questions about the free lesson and free month of training, and if you have specific needs to address please call us and we will answer them all for you. See you soon!


Check out these videos of simple techniques to get your meditation practice started today!